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Staff Placemat - Madison HT Celebration
FCA 2020 Vision for Madison HT.010


Ken Burnett

Multi - Area Director Northeast Alabama

256-200-0655 (Cell)

Ralph Keel

Director of Coaches Ministry

256-653-5494 (Cell) 


Jamie Strange

Area Director

256-312-0028 (Cell)

Gary Serrett

Area Director / Chief Financial Officer

256-200-0563 (Cell)

Pam Chambliss

Director of Campus Ministry

256-603-6638 (Cell)

Michael Simmons

Director of Coaches Ministry

256-339-6806 (Cell)

Angie Burnett

Field Associate & Administrative Associate

256-200-0212 (Cell)

 Russ Daniels

Campus Ministry

256-508-7265 (Cell)

 Megan McDuffee

Campus Ministry

256-508-3145 (Cell)

Roger Cox

Community Ministry Director

256-640-6505 (Cell) 

Kristin Wilkerson

Field Associate & Administrative Assistant

504-717-1086 (Cell)

Hilary Hopkins

Administrative Assistant

256-536-7333 (Office)

Kandi Armstrong

Administrative Assistant

256-536-7333 (Office)